From childhood to adulthood

Habilitation is an important part of the service of the total care of children. A small percentage of grown up children need this support from us. When children complete their education, they would naturally try to settle down in a job or get married and settle in life happily like any other individual. If the child, grown up in the Ashram, has no one else to help him or her in the future plans, we help. It considers this stage in the life of the adolescent youth to be a very important and a critical period and it considers it to be a part of its responsibility to help children under its total care with their habilitation support, like other parents in India do, more so, if they have no one else to care for them. After bringing up the children to their school level we do not want to stop our care at this time, as the children grow up all along in the Ashram and feel as if it is their home. This is part of our main philosophy of child care. It is because it is natural for us as guardians or care takers of children, who have no one else or who need support, to provide them with support till they are happily settled in life. In India the institution of marriage is very important and sacred, not only giving joy and fulfillment, but also stabity and security in life.


Those children who grow up in the Ashram and have no relatives or families to go to, or whose relatives are too poor, continue to stay in the Ashram and they are encouraged to seek further education of their choice and capability of the Ashram. The Ashram bears the expenses through the help of donors or by its own means. Volunteers help the children and they find colleges or institutions who grant concessions or scholarships to these young people in college fee and in travel to the colleges or find free hostels. We prefer these children to get college, vocational or professional education and then go for jobs or marriage. If girls do not like to study further, they are encouraged to study subjects like sewing and tailoring or similar short certificate level courses. After completion of their education, we help the most needy girls and boys with wedding support and job support if needed.

Spiritual and moral teaching

We want children to follow their own spiritual path. We help them to learn moral and value systems, and learn from the lives of great men and saints, and to lead a good life and follow good health habits like non-drinking and non-smoking. We believe that India is the Home to great philosophies of Life and the children can learn and shape their lives on those philosophies. We want the children to learn from the lives of the great men and keep in good company of people and lead their lives well, safely and happily. We want the children grown up in the Ashram to lead happy family lives and raise good children, provide them good care and educate them well.