SKGA's sister chairity company 'Alamelu Ammal Gurukula Ashram' (ref. AAGA), runs the 'Alamelu Vidyashram Matriculation School' situated at the Sitharama Pruam complex. The school buildings and school related facilities have been constructed by the sister company (AAGA) through donations since 1999, and is continuesly expanding.

It is a english medium highschool approved by the state government, which houses 335 student in the age of 5-16 years, and 20 teachers including the head mistress. The school runs classes that comply with all regulations by the state government. The school is funded by donations to the sister charity company (AAGA), and a very small monthly fee by the daycholar students.

For the children housed in the childrenshomes, this fee is payed by the sistery company (AAGA). About 45 children from the Sithrama Puram complex attend this school, the remaining 45 children go to the closeby local Tamil schools, just like the children from the Alamelupuram and Paramarthalingpuram complexes. The choice of which school to attend, is made by the children and their guardians.

The school offers extra curriculum activities like yoga, karate, music, dancing and scouting. We believe that the extra curriculum activities strengthen the children in ways, that education by it self can not. The activities keep the children healthy and happy, and teaches them valiuble lessons that are usefull in their future lives.


Dancing and music classes teach the children how to express feelings by movement and sounds.

In scouting classes the children learn how to navigate, manage, and survive in nature.

The yoga classes keep the children healthy, focused and it strengthens their psysical deveolpment.

In karate classes the children learn to depend in themselves, and how to protect themselves should it be necessary.