Thank you!

We are so very grateful for the many donors, contributors, volenteers and individuals supporting our work for the children. They have made SKGA what it is today.

LongTerm Donors

Action Children Aid, Denmark, Emmaus, France, Alamelu Children’s Homes, Canada, Stichting Vrienden Ashram, The Netherlands, Guru Krupa Foundation, , USA, Sai for the Needy, Australia, Mrs Elaine and Mr. Colin Muddiman, the U.K., Acheve Foundation, USA. Seetharam Charities Inc , USA.

Individual Donors

Mrs Bodil and Mr Helge Pedersen from Denmark Mrs Vera and Mr F.B. Berry from Toronto, Canada, Mrs Savitri and Mr K.P. Ramsami from Chennai, Mrs. Thangamma from Pottayadi, Kanyakumari District, Mrs Chandra and Mr.S.R. Chandran from Mumbai (Bombay), Dr. Leah Crussiah and family, Pune, Mr. L. Hariram and family, U.S.A, Mrs and Mr. W.R. Regunathan, Chennai, Mr and Mrs Coimbatore, Seetharam Charities, U.S.A.

Mrs. Thangamma, constant support and donating valuable land, Mrs and Mr F.B.Berry donating for rice continuously for decades and donating farm land, Mrs Savitri and Mr K P Ramsami creating a fund, making possible weddings of our girls, Mrs and Mr S R Chandran making possible starting of the school, Dr Miss Leah Crussiah donating valuable land and constant support.

Advisors who support are Auditor Mr B Thanu Pillai, Auditor Mr. Kulathooran Pillai,. Auditor Rtn. Mr Ganapathi, Rtn. and President of Ashram Mr. S. Augustine for civil engineering services, Architect B. Raveendranath Nair, Trivandrum, Dr. G.K. Karnavar, Trivandrum, Tirunelveli, Lr. Krishna Pillai, Nagercoil, Lr. Uma Shankar, Chennai, Medical Volunteers, Prof.Dr. MGS Kumara Guru, Tirunelveli,Dr.Rama Murthy, Nagercoil Dr. Uma Selvan and Prof. Dr. Selvan, Nagercoil.

Need For Donation and Support

As the society offers all its services free of cost to more than a hundred children every year, and depends mainly upon donations and partly on government grants, it is struggling to find funds to meet needs. This is an open and transparent society. Many distinguished leaders in public life have paid visits to the society and the children’s homes. The society offers all the services free of cost. Expenses are met from donations, sponsorship support, and Government grants. These do not meet needs and the society suffers to meet needs of the children.

Kind Help and Support

On behalf of the society, we invite you to kindly a make a visit to the institution. We are seeking your kind support. The society will be happy to send you all information about its programmes. The society seeks your kind support and will be most grateful. We shall be very grateful for your kind reply. Thank you.