SKGA houses 2 major farms;

Berry Farm, with 36 hectacres land, is placed in Veeravanaller 70km North-West of Sitharamapuram. In 1992, with help from Mr. F.B. Berry, the ashram acquired a dry farm land with good potential. Donations from the Basilian Fathers of Toronto and the Rotary Clubs of Tinneveli, Hamilton, Canada, and the Rotary International, provided two open wells for the farm. This farm with water potential and voluntary services from Agriculture engineer, Mr. Vanarajan, and Dr. Jacob led to the development of agriculture.

Emmaus Farm, with 11 hectacres land, is placed in Tirukurungudi 35km North-West of Sitharamapuram. The land was purcased in 1987 by SKGA, with funds from donations and the Farm was named Emmaus.


Horticulture, floriculture, and vegetable cultivation on the farm helps the ashram, besides providing employment to local labour. The produce from the farms, mainly fruits and vegetables, are used by the children’s homes. A portion of the crop is sold and thereby generates an income to meet the running expenses of the farms. There are only 4 daily workers from local areas, to care for the farms. During planting and harvesting of the paddy fields, more labour is aquired.

In addition we have smaller argicultural activities at each of the three childrenhome compounds. One of which also houses a diaryfarm with 15 cows, producing fresh milk for the children. The small farms inside the compounds are usefull for the children in an educational and habitational prespective.