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Children First! That is our main priority here at Sri Kanyakumari Gurukula Ashram, referred to as SKGA.

SKGA is a non-profit organisation selflessly fulfilling a vital social responsibility of servering abandoned infants, children who have lost either one or both of their parent, destitute and neglected children - all of them needing love, care and protection.

SKGA offers the children total care, education and habilitation free of cost. We help them to enjoy their childhood and begin a new way of life with peace, joy, health, happiness, hope and to regain their self-image, self-confidence and dignity. The children are cared for regardless of sex, age, culture, creed, caste or community.

At SKGA, the children are cared for from childhood to young adulthood and till every one is habited. On this website you will see the good work that has been done by SKGA by means of dontations and the dedication of volenteers. You will see happy children that have been given more than just food and education. This dirrives from the mantra in our daily prairs - Om Sakthi - Om is accepted as the primordial sound in the universe. universe. Sakthi translates into positive moving energy.

Vision and Mission

The aim is to freely provide to orphans and destitute children, happy shelter, food, loving care and maintenance, good education and help to settle happily in life.

SKGA’s Vision is Children are loved, brought up healthy in safe, happy environment, their uniqueness is recognized and respected, are educated well, have faith in God, trust in people and Society, develop dignity, self-image, self-confidence, and self-respect, have health, happiness, and hope.

SKGA’s Mission is to Give to orphans and destitute poor children free, long term shelter, food, loving care and maintenance, education and habilitation support.

Sri - Is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘auspicious’. It is also used as a word or address of respect

Kanyakumari - Is the name of the Virgin Goddess in the historic and most famous Temple called by Her name in the Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu district, South India. There is a famous Gayatri Mantra in Her name in very old spiritual texts containing teachings of great value. They speak about the Soul or ‘Atman’ of Man.

Gurukula - Is a Sanskrit word. The Guru is a mentor, a guide or a teacher who teaches and guides his students or disciples. ‘Kula’ means the house, family or tradition of the Guru. The students stay with the Guru in his house till the completion of their studies. From ancient times, a gurukula has been a place where children go to live and study under a guru (mentor).

Ashram - Translates to a house of peace and abundance. It is the place where people seeking spiritual enlightenment could gather to meditate and lead peaceful lives and seek knowledge

Our Donors

We are very grateful to our donors, contributors, volunteers individuals and friends for supporting our work for the children and women.
They have made SKGA what it is today.

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